IV Therapy at Bloom Natural Health


If you’ve stepped through our doors at Bloom, you’ve probably seen our relaxing IV lounge during your visit, often full of ladies (and some brave gentlemen) getting IV treatments.  So, what’s the buzz with these pink colored bags full of liquid goodies?  IV (intravenous) nutrients are a powerful tool to give your body a boost.  These nutrients are 100% absorbed and because of that, your body gets a major dose of vitamins and minerals delivered directly into the bloodstream.  It is estimated that 60% of people have digestive disturbances which can lead to an inability to absorb nutrients via the digestive tract.  Over time, these digestive problems can lead to major nutrient deficiencies.  As naturopathic doctors, we are always working to restore the gut function so you can get the benefits of having such a great diet.  While we are working hard in doing that, supplying your body with nutrients via IV treatments speeds the healing process.  Vitamins and minerals operate as antioxidants and cofactors for biochemical reactions in the body.  If you are deficient in a particular nutrient that works as a cofactor, then that reaction might not happen as fast or as readily as it should.  For example, if you have a deficiency in magnesium, over 300 different biochemical reactions in the body will be sluggish.  Symptom wise, you’ll likely feel fatigue, have difficult menstrual cycles, and experience muscle cramps.  And that’s just one example.  In our custom formulated intravenous therapies, we provide over 30 different vitamins and minerals to replenish your deficiencies and get you feeling like a million bucks again!  


Benefits of IV Therapy

• Increase in energy

• Detoxification

• Reduce/eliminate migraines

• Stress & anxiety relief

• Supports healthy immune function


Bloom’s Favorite Intravenous Additives

• Vitamin C – essential for healthy adrenal function, immune system, and healthy skin, hair and nails

• Selenium – a powerful antioxidant that boosts thyroid function

• Engystol – a homeopathic medicine to support the immune system against the symptoms of flu, including fever, body aches and chills.  

• Glutathione – what we call “liquid gold”; your body’s most abundant antioxidant to powerfully fight free radical damage


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