Skinny Spot Shots

Skinny Spot Shots target unwanted fat in areas where it’s the most difficult to lose the bulge. Tighten up the tummy, thighs, buttocks, or upper arms through a series of injections that are administered in select areas to help stimulate adipose tissue metabolism.

The compounded solution is formulated in Italy with very specific bioactive homeopathic medications. These components work to help increase lymphatic flow while also helping to stimulate local fat burning. This can be very beneficial for stubborn areas of excess body fat and cellulite.

The standard protocol consists of having one treatment per week for 10 consecutive weeks. Alternatively, you can choose to have two treatments weekly for the first two weeks, followed by one weekly treatment for one month, and then one treatment per month for two months.

Depending on the effect you’re looking for, a second series of 10 treatments can be done for enhanced results. Skinny Spot Shots are all natural having no known interactions with any other medications. They are, however, contraindicated during pregnancy and for women who are nursing.

Target the spot and dissolve the bulge today!


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