Cell Phones May Be Linked to Cancer – Read Bloom’s Survival Tips!

It is quite obvious that the usage of cell phones has heavily increased over the past decade.  With today’s technology of “smart phones” we are not only using our cell phones to call one another, but also to search the internet, answer emails, play games, and of course – to check Facebook. With the increased use of cell phones, we also increase our exposure to radio frequency and electromagnetic fields, which have recently been linked with an increase risk of brain cancer.

A recent article reported by the World Health Organization (WHO), has stated that cell phones are possibly carcinogenic to humans. The WHO released a study in 2010 that “found some evidence of an increase in glioma and acoustic neuroma brain cancer for mobile phone users.” This study was conducted on people who used cell phones for over 10 years. While the findings of the study are still being researched, Dr. Keith Black, the chairman of neurology at Cedars Sinai Medical Center brought up an excellent point stating “The biggest problem is that we know most environmental factors take several decades of exposure before we really see the consequences.” He likens the effects of cell phones on the brain to what happens to food in microwaves – “essentially cooking the brain.”

These findings released by the WHO, have instigated much attention to the possible harmful effects of cell phone use that could be detrimental to all of us.  As Dr. Black mentioned, the research on the potential harm of long-term radiation exposure will take multiple years to conduct and we may not know the findings until our children are grown and it may be too late. Do not wait! Protect yourself and your children now with these simple tips:

1. Come check out BLOOM’s advanced Qtape, made by Premier Research Labs.

This tape is made from a special metal that can be placed on most appliances that emit electromagnetic fields – including cell phones, microwaves, cars etc.  Most electronic devices produce a highly positive charge, while the Qtape releases a strong, negative charge, essentially reducing the frequency of radiation emitted.  Children are at a higher risk of being effected by EMF’s due to thinner skulls and a higher lifetime exposure to cell phones than current adults – so make sure to take some Qtape home for them as well! We will show you how to apply it on cell phone batteries as well as Iphones.

2. Text Message as an alternative

Text messaging away from your body will reduce your risk of being harmed by the radiation and EMF’s. The farther away the phone from your body, the less likely to be effected by the carcinogens produced by cell phones.

3. Use ear phones

Using ear phones can also reduce the risk of developing brain cancer associated with cell phone use. Like text messaging, the farther away the phone is from your body, the better. Holding your phone directly to your ear increases exposure of radiation.

4. Use Speaker Phone or Skype

When using speaker phone or Skype on your phone, you are more likely to be holding the phone away from your face, consequently reducing your risk of harmful effects.

We hope you all take this information home and share it with your friends and families. As you know, we practice preventative medicine here at BLOOM and our four survival tips listed will help reduce your risk of developing any sort of harmful effects associated with cell phone use. Come in today and get your Qtape!!



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