Toxins in Your Mouth

One area you may not have thought about for toxic exposures is in your own mouth. Did you know that many cutting edge researchers who are trying to make the link between our environment and our cancer risk are now paying more and more attention to our dental health? We know we need to try to eat organic and limit the amount of toxins we put on our body, but we must also not forget about the importance of our mouths and what toxins could be lurking there. Some of the things to consider is how well we take care of our teeth and work to prevent dental disease, but also what we are allowing our dentists to put into our mouths.

Just this last February, the British Dental Health Foundation released a report from Sweden evaluating 3,000 patients. Women with tooth loss or gum disease were found to be 11 times more likely to develop breast cancer. Other studies have also found a possible connection between mercury and other metals found in amalgam fillings and breast tumors. Many European countries have recently banned the use of amalgam fillings due to health risks.

As we seek to empower ourselves and make prevention our goal – and as we seek to create a non-toxic revolution, paying attention to our dental health may be one more tool in our tool box for prevention and awareness.


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