Bloom Natural Doggie Protocols

Dr. Amanda Ward and Bloom Natural Health also LOVE dogs! So we’ve created a “Pay it to the Pups” program that is sponsored by Bloom’s “Grover Foundation”.

The Grover Foundation was started by Dr. Ward at Bloom after rescuing a very injured dog named Grover last Fall. This dog later passed away due to surgical complications, but he forever left an imprint on all of us. Pay it to the Pups is the program that has evolved from this foundation and its goal is to raise money for very small rescue groups that save pups with serious injuries often at risk of euthanization.

Ask us about getting involved today!

General Protocol for Recovering Doggies

1) Pet Cod Liver Oil: 1-2 Tsp’s per day.
– This can be given either straight or added to their food.

2) Orthobiotic Powder: ½ scooper 1-2x/Day.
– This helps rebuild good bacteria in the digestive tract which is critical for absorbing nutrients and fighting infections.
– This can be added to either food or water

3) FRST-RSC: 2 pellets 1-2x/day.  This is an emotional remedy to help recover from severe traumas
– Can be powdered up and added to food or water or drawn up into a dropper and squirted into the mouth.

4) Liquid Colloidal Silver: 2 dropperfuls 1-2x/day
– This can either be squirted directly into their mouth, or added to food or water

5) B12 Shots: B12 is a very common deficiency in many dogs.  It is non – toxic and very boosting to their overall immune system.

– For Small to Medium Dogs:  Give 1 cc IM injection every day until doggie is feeling better – Then give 1cc injection 3x/week

– For Medium to Large Dogs: Give 2 cc IM injection every day until doggie is feeling better – Then give 2cc injection 3x/week.

Special Protocols for Mange

(Make sure to also follow the General Protocol)

1) Skin Terrain: 2 dropperfuls squirted in mouth or in dogs water 3-5x/day

2) DAG: This is an Amazing skin and mucous membrane TOPICAL healer.  Soak a gauzy or light cotton piece of cloth in this liquid and apply it to the affected skin areas.  Try to leave it on the dogs skin for at least 10 minutes. The cloth should be very wet and you can even press it into the dogs skin to help the liquid absorb into the skin. This is non toxic and ok if the dog licks some of it from their skin.

3) Oxicell TOPICAL  cream:  This is an amazing topical healer also.  Apply a heavy layer of this to the dogs affected skin 2-5x/ day.  It’s non – toxic so it’s ok if the dog licks some of it.

4) Castor Oil:  This is a great TOPICAL  skin healer and can be purchased at any drug store – like a CVS pharmacy.  Slather this on the dogs affected skin 3-4x/day.  This will also really help moisturize the skin.

5) Anti-Age Skin:  This just helps stimulate growth of collagen and elastin.  Give doggies 4 pellets 1x/day.  Can put down their throat or add it to food or water.

Special Protocols for Rickets

(Make sure to also follow the General Protocol)

1) Cell Salts:  These can be purchased at any holistic health food store.  You should be the mixed cell salts – it has homeopathic dilutions of all the cell minerals. Give 4 pellets 1-3x/day.  Can be put down the dogs throat – or crushed and added to their food or water.  These help the dogs body to actually absorb minerals that are deficient.

2) Add 1 cc of Injectable Vitamin D to each of  the doggies B12 shots and follow same dosing schedule suggested in the General Protocol.

Special Protocols for Giardia, Parvo, Toxoplasmosis

(In Addition to Following the General Protocol)

Take the Appropriate DesBio Series Therapy Box and follow dosing instructions on the box.
These are vials of liquid that are given every 3 days – and they are intended to aid the body in eliminating the specific infection.  They are specific to the particular infections – so there is a box for Giardia remedies, and a separate box with Parvo remedies, etc.

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