IV Therapy


IV therapy is an extremely helpful way to address illness and support a patient’s road to recovery.

At Bloom, intravenous vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, and homeopathics are utilized in a variety of combinations to help with many health concerns from digestive complaints from infections to fibromyalgia. With this safe and effective therapy we can attain levels of nutrient absorption much higher than is possible with foods or supplements.

IV nutrients go directly into the bloodstream, they do not “pass go” through the digestive tract, which is compromised in most people. Oral nutrients absorb at a rate of 20-40% in most people, whereas IV nutrients reach 100%.

The other beauty of IV therapy is that it is custom made just for you. We look at your lab work, along with your symptoms and diet and put together a “cocktail” to match your exact needs.

-Multiple V itamin/Mineral
-Infection fighter
-Pre surgery IV
-Detox IV
-Inflammation IV
-Energizer IV

Visit us for some IV Therapy TODAY!


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A New Medicine for the 21st Century: Bloom Natural Health Naturopathic Boutique Medicine, Modern Scientific Medicine and Natural Healing Methods for Southern Californians
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