Need help getting through your cravings?

Take some deep abdominal breaths and connect with yourself.  What is the real purpose behind this need for another piece of chocolate or handful of salty chips? Feeling unsatisfied in some aspect of your life, stress, or self sabotage are issues we can check in with if we can pause in the moment. Sometimes journaling about these issues or taking a walk outside and relaxing yourself can keep these moments at bay.

Need something else, nux vomica, a homeopathic remedy can relieve cravings when taken at the onset and throughout the day. We also have tinctures that help with stress or carbohydrate control. Just ask us and we can find the best blend for you!

HCG TIP: Three of the biggest weight loss reducers on the HCG Diet are tomatoes, shrimp, and oranges. While these are tasty on the diet, beware of having these items daily.



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